The Personality Compass — An Introduction [Episode 11]

Ever wonder why you get along well with some people, while with others you just don’t ‘click’?

It has a lot to do with personality styles and how each communicates.

In this episode, JHW lead trainer Ralph Muir-Morris joins Christina Canters to give an introduction to each of the 4 personality ‘quadrants’ and why it’s important to communicate effectively with each one (hint: you’ll get better engagement and co-operation with your stakeholders!)

Stay tuned for the next 4 episodes, as we’ll be diving deeper into each personality style one by one!

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About the podcast:

John Williams, founder of corporate training company JHW, has personally trained over 5000 accomplished and emerging corporate professionals in the area of stakeholder engagement.

In this podcast, he shares simple yet effective ways to communicate effectively, foster cooperation, attain outcomes regularly, and work with different personality types in order to obtain greater productivity.

This podcast is for business professionals who regularly engage with stakeholders, and managers and leaders of professional groups who are seeking ways to increase the productivity of the group as a whole.

The podcast is co-hosted with Christina Canters of The C Method.

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