Engagement Skills

Gaining better access to, and greater co-operation from, your Stakeholders!


Participants will have greater appreciation of the impact engagement can have on their productivity & success. They will learn tools, tips & techniques that they can start using immediately to improve their performance. They will start to consciously think through the delivery of their messages and become more constructive and consistent....


Developing and accomplished professionals who have mastered their area of subject matter expertise, and are keen to improve the delivery of that expertise to their Clients or Stakeholders: - Project Managers, Consultants, Internal & External Service providers, Risk Management, Audit, IT Specialists, Accountants and others.

Workshop elements

A highly interactive balance of theory and practical sessions. This enables participants to be more productive with less effort. Theory sessions cover frameworks that help; build stronger engagement, understand and adjust to stakeholders more effectively, conduct more productive workshops and meetings, become more proactive (less reactive) and, exceed stakeholder expectations more consistently. Around 50% of the time is spent on a case study where participants get to put the skills into practice and gain constructive feedback.


The workshop is a 3-day event with a half-day reunion 4 - 6 weeks later. There is an optional pre-workshop coffee introduction session where participants meet with the facilitators. This is an opportunity for us to understand the participant's aspirations, set their expectations and answer any questions they have.

Comments from Previous Participants

"Great course. Made me feel guilty for all the things I've forgotten to do. Provide easy to use ideas in a format that is easy to remember and apply. Well structured and would certainly recommend the course to others."

"Thank you for a great workshop. It was well run and managed and the facilitators were very engaging and knew their material. The role-plays were excellent and did help cement the learning’s."

"Overall this was a great course and would recommend anyone who has to manage stakeholders on a day-to-day basis attend. I was fairly tired by the end of the day, however from being a heavily pro-active activity based session rather there being bored. Thanks again."

"Awesome course with very practical ideas that can be used at work every day. The role playing allowed good realistic practise which will also enable this to occur. The presenters were experienced, interesting and good humoured which meant the three days moved quickly. Recommend to all my colleagues."

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