Effective Presentations

Achieve great outcomes through content, structure, delivery & audience buy-in


Participants will have greater confidence and competence in presenting their message to both large and small audiences. They will be able to structure their content to achieve outcomes. They will learn the importance of audience connection, and have the tools and skills to reach the entire audience, not just parts of it.


Developing and accomplished professionals that want to articulate their ideas and propositions more clearly, concisely and confidently.  The Workshop has a strong focus on achieving outcomes through audience connection.

Workshop elements

Plenty of practice in presenting to groups with video recording and playback. Facilitator, peer and self feedback is a key learning element. Theory sessions include Content, Style, Structure and Understanding the Audience.


The workshop is a 2 day event with practical sessions over dinner on the first evening.

Alternatively the workshop can be delivered one to one or in small groups in a series of coaching sessions.

Comments from Previous Participants

"Great course guys. Being pulled out of one's comfort zone by being filmed and critiqued can only help to improve your own view on how you're seen by everyone else. It's confronting, but well worth the effort. "

"I found the course very helpful in providing some theory behind things that I might do instinctively. That theory will give me added confi-dence in communicating with others and insure that I cater for all different audiences. I believe this workshop would benefit anyone who did it no matter what their level of experience or position."

"Very useful workshop to attend. Topics covered will improve my presentation skill."

"Thank you for delivering an exceptional workshop that got everyone participating, interacting, collaborating and gaining new knowledge or skill that will enhance how they engage with customers alike."

"Inspirational course - I'm so glad I had the opportunity to attend. It exceeded my already high expectations."

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