General Facilitation Services

When I am running a workshop to seek buy-in, and I have a vested interest in the outcome, I really should not be the facilitator...


When you try to combine the role of facilitator and contributor, the facilitator leaves the room. Other participants check out, either actively or passively. If you genuinely want to canvass and challenge the viewpoints of others, as well as contributing your own you should be in the audience. If you have already decided on the outcome, don't facilitate (pretending they have an input), present it using your authority. If you are genuinely want discussion and buy-in, use and independent facilitator to run the workshop, and you are free to contribute along with the other participants.


Using a professional and independent facilitator you will maximise the chance of getting a favourable outcome to your dilemma, whilst winning the buy-in of the other people you need on-board.

JHW Provides

Preparation, briefing, logistical support, exercises, energisers, tools, and often skills refreshers to get your audience proactively focussed on reaching the best outcome for your organisation.


Depending on the scope it can be from 2 hours to 3 days. Can often take the form of Kick-off, Launch, Retreat or Team Build (See Makin' Movies). JHW can facilitate short sessions or your entire event.

Comments from Previous Participants

"Good session John. We definitely achieved the "Team" and "Fun" objectives, we'll let you know whether we achieved the 3rd objective in 2015!"

"It was valuable was to have a facilitator who really understood our industry during the strategic planning part of our offsite, and helped guide brainstorming."

"The offsite was a good balance between dealing with current business realities and reflecting on the year that has been as well as looking at the future in a more strategic manner. John's facilitation of the offsite was pleasant and professional."

"Great Fun and Team Building. Got us to think!"

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