Outcome Focussed Meetings & Engaged Stakeholders

Every meeting is an opportunity to improve the productivity of our entire working life, yet so many people arrive at meetings des-perately unprepared to do so...


participants will have more short meetings that achieve outcomes, and less long meetings where people talk about “stuff”. They will start to earn a reputation for progress - worth spending time with. They will waste less time in meetings they didn’t need to attend, and will have less “omigod” moments in meetings as they will be well prepared for whatever comes up. In short their entire working life will become more productive.


Developing professionals that can improve their overall performance by performing better at meetings. Have a better insight into engagement with stakeholders, outcome focus, asking for commitment, and objection handling. Ideal refresher for accomplished professionals.

Workshop elements

A balance between theory sessions around engagement and dealing with different personality styles, and more practical sessions on meeting preparation and outcome focus. Most of the afternoon is taken up with practical role plays with comprehensive feedback.


The workshop is a 1 day event.

Comments from Previous Participants

"Great course. The facilitators kept us engaged and its probably about the only course I have not zoned out (or dozed off in). What I have learned I can put into practice at work and pass the information along to my teenagers to give them a head start. Looking back on this I wish I had done this course years ago. Hopefully my kids can use the knowledge to get a jump on everyone else their age."

"Training was excellent..I got chance to learn lots of new things that will add an advantage to my career as a consultant."

"Course was well structure and timed. I would not say the content was revolutionary but it was all certainly very engaging. Many of the les-sons served as a great reminder for our we should go about business. The workshop was well facilitated and even the potentially very "hit & miss" activity of roll playing was managed in a way that allowed the benefits to far outweigh any kind of awkwardness. Well done and thanks!"

"Relevant and interactive workshop. Context was intense yet interesting and entertaining. Great presenters kept participants interested and involved. Thanks very much."

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