Call Plan App

The Call Plan App will help you prepare for meetings more thoroughly with the express objective of maximising the value of the meeting outcomes for you. Whether its a 5 minute prep for a relatively run of the mill meeting, or an intense preparation covering all the bases for a "Must nail it" meeting, the Call Plan App along with the pre-loaded templates will ensure you are more confident, and help you to attain better results. So compressive is the Call Plan that every time you use it you will be consciously applying around 70% of the content of the workshop.

Personality Compass

The Personality Compass App will suggest the personality quadrant of a stakeholder on answering 12 either/or questions, and suggest adjustments you might like to make to your personal style to stand a better chance of connecting. Do you focus on Trust, Rapport or Value first? Should you be more or less up beat? Do you focus and prepare for detail, or elevate to big picture?”